Fortuna Kasran Group has just started its own coal mining concession in West Sumatera.

Foruna Kasran Group recently has started development of its own coal concession in Sumatera Barat. The main access road from our coal mine to major road network has been completed. Currently we are in the process of installing major equipment for preparation excavation works. We expected to start producing coal from our mine by end of September 2020. We have secured major buyers for our coal mainly from local Government and also from Private power plant owners located in Dumai, Padang and Pekan Baru. Early monthly production expected to be around 15,000 metric ton per month and will increase further as work progress.

Fortuna Kasran Group will also expected to start coal operations in other areas by early 2021 either by investing in new mine or joint operations with existing owners who need capital funding to increase their mine operations.

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